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List of 59 Chinese apps banned in India by Indian Government

The Government of India on Monday banned as many as 59 Chinese apps including TikTok and UC Browser “which are prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, defence of India, security of state and public order,” news agency ANI reported. Majority of these apps were recently red-flagged by intelligence agencies over concerns that they were […]

List of Popular Chinese Apps in India

Just like in every other field, Chinese apps have been successful in taking over the Indian app market too. Over the past years, Chinese apps have been growing popular in India and holds a share of 39% – 40% in the Indian app market. With a population of 1.38 billion, India is the fastest growing mobile app market. With […]

Top 8 Shocking Suicides of Bollywood and TV Celebrities

Bollywood not only seen the incredible success of people but also witnessed the shocking suicides of these celebrities. They committed suicide either because of depression or because of mental trauma or any other reason. Bollywood industry which is full of glamour and glitz is a facade for those people who were suffering from loneliness in […]

Top 10 Wishes to make your best friend smile on National best friend Day 2020

You are the only person with whom I can do anything and nothing and still have the best time. You are basically like a sibling that God forgot to give me. Warm wishes on National Best Friends Day One million memories, ten thousand inside jokes, one hundred shared secrets, one reason: best friends. I am […]

Lockdown Cooking: 3 Must-Try Pasta Recipes

If dished up well, pasta is a delightfully healthy snack. It is cholesterol-free and is also a good source of sustainable energy for the brain and muscles. While you may not be able to buy pasta online in India during the lockdown, you can grab a handful of your favourite pasta from the nearest grocery […]

Motivational quotes by prominent Indian leaders COVID 19

Let us remind ourselves that our ancestors saw nature as mother, and asked us to respect it. At some point in history, we forgot ancient wisdom. When pandemics and abnormal weather phenomena are becoming the norm, it is time to pause and wonder where we lost the way, and how we can still make a [...]

5 Things That You Can Do During A Dental Emergency

Any uninvited trauma to the tooth has the potential for a serious cause of worry in the future.  While you may be caught off guard but you should always know that Dental emergency dentistry Valparaiso is just a phone call away. And if you can’t call, you don’t have to worry at all. Feel free […]

Have Your Week Sorted With Pasta

If you are a working lady, you know the hassles of balancing work, home, kids and kitchen. It’s like having too much on a single plate. While you want to laze around on the couch once home after a hard day’s work, yet you see yourself in the kitchen pantry trying to come up with […]

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO?

In order to keep up with all the Google algorithm updates, it gets important for marketers and brands to ensure that their websites are consistently optimized for search. And keyword research is often the first and the most important part of search engine optimization and search marketing. Since keyword research has such an important role […]

Google’s AMP is speeding up the Web by Changing How It Works

The latest launch by Google, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is making web pages and sites load faster than usual. But this speedy loading has changed the working of the opened web. The outstanding speed of AMP is accomplished in two different ways. First, a defined structure of web development technologies is employed by the […]

Top 5 Benefits of Inbound Marketing for Businesses

Inbound marketing has been there in the business world for over a decade. It is especially beneficial for the small business which has limited marketing budgets. With the help of inbound marketing, a company website can be transformed into a sales and marketing tool. In simplest terms, this strategy involves engagement, content, trust, attention, and […]

Perfect Red and White Sauce Pasta Recipe To Prepare At Home

The list of Italian cuisine starts with Pasta in every part of the world. The most relished Italian cuisine is now cherished by individuals of every age in every corner wherever one goes. While other dishes like pizza, risotto, and lasagne are popular in some parts, Pasta has won the hearts of almost everyone, including […]





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