April 12, 2020

12 Best Street Food Places In Nawabi City Lucknow

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Muskuraiye Aap Lucknow Mein Hain!!

Sharma Tea Corner

This joint gives a refreshing start to your day with Sharma Ki Chai. Enjoy the best tea of Lucknow with Bun-Muska. The homemade white butter spread on the Bun with raisins will certainly let you drool to have another one.  Add their delicious Samosa to make your breakfast a proper treat! Picture Credits: Arunavh Chakraborty Address: Lalbagh, Near Novelty Cinema.

Sardar Ke Cholle Bhature

Experience the authentic delicacy of Punjab with Sardar Ji ke Mashhoor Cholle Bhature. Add their Aloo and Paneer Kulcha to your platter and have a full packed brunch. Oh! Don’t forget to end it with their Sooji ka Halwa made in pure desi ghee.Picture Source: Google Address: Lalbagh, Near Novelty Cinema.

Bajpayee Kachodi Bhandar

This place is famous for the best Khasta and Kachodi in Lucknow. Feel the crispiness of Kachodi along with the spicy Aloo mix Sabzi. Picture Source: Google Address: NK Road, Hazratganj

Ram Asrey

If you have a sweet tooth, this shop is heaven for you. The Malai paan, Chena Mithai and Rasgullas will make your belly crave for more and more. Don’t forget to taste their Nakul, which is their sweet Chana Dal. Enjoy the undiscovered dishes here. Also, a glass of Lassi full of Malai and dry fruits is so drooling!Picture Source: Google Address:  Nawal Kishore Road, Hazrat Ganj

Gpo Dahi Bada

If you are looking for something that will blow your mind, then this is where you should land up. Enjoy the soft, tasty thande dahi Bade at GPO which will melt instantaneously in your mouth.Picture Source: Google Address: Triloknath Marg, Lalbagh

Wahid Biryani

If you are someone who gets lost in the Biryani world while finding out the main pieces, then this is just your place. As the name suggests, it is indeed famous for its bBiryani but don’t forget to try their Chicken Masala and Rumali Roti. Picture Source: Google Address: Naaz Cinema Road, Aminabad

Jain Chaat Corner

This stall offers you the best Thande paani ke Batashe in Lucknow. You won’t be surprised to see all the Gol Gappas vanishing in just a few hours if you taste them. Also, don’t forget to try their Dahi-Chutney ke Batashe topped with their aromatic spices. Complete your visit by having their delectable Aloo Tikki and Matar Chat.Picture Source: Google Address: Lalbagh, Near Novelty Cinema.

Prakash Kulfi

Enjoy, the awesomeness of this cold dessert, laced with dry fruit and topped with just the right amount of Falooda. Made with the right amount of sweet, this Kulfi Falooda melts perfectly in your mouth.Picture Source: Google Address: Fruit Lane, Market Area, Aminabad

Nainital Momos

This place is famous for all the genres you might have not even heard of Momos. The Dragon Fire Fried Momos are a must try. Bump into the spiciest world of Momos at this place and savour their specialities. Picture Credits: Arunavh Chakraborty Address: Viram Khand, Gomti Nagar

Maa Durgma Restaurant

Visit this place to enjoy the best North Indian Cuisine. The dishes here will taste so much like home made food. Have a balanced diet here with all the best-packed Thaals. Picture Source: Google Address: Triloknath Marg, Lalbagh

Tunday Kababi

What better than having the authentic cuisine of the city of Nawabs and Kebabs? The Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Kakori Kebabs, Gelawat ke Kebabs, Seekh Kebabs and Patili-ke-Kebabs are some of the known varieties of Mughalai Food available here. This indeed is the most visited and desirable food joint of Lucknow.Picture Credits: Arunavh ChakrabortyAddress: Near Naaz Cinema Hall, Aminabad


This place serves amazing Indian assorted desserts. It also serves a dish which explains the most ironic oxymoron- ‘Veg Egg!’Yes and pay attention vegetarians, it is completely vegetarian- no egg involved. This is that unique dish that you will hardly come across anywhere.Picture Source: GoogleAddress: Opposite Aminabad Police Station, Aminabad

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