February 20, 2020

5 Interesting Fusion Pasta Recipes

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Pasta is a mouth-watering dish that can be enjoyed anytime, and anywhere. Available in various size and shapes, Pasta adds a unique look and flavour to many other recipes like Lasagne, Frittatas, etc. With the increased popularity and easy availability, it is quite common to get bored of the regular white and red sauce Pasta offered at every other eating joint in the locality. But don’t stress out. Just like any other dish, your regular Pasta can also be tweaked as per your taste buds. Top 10 pasta brands in India have observed that the traditional style of cooking pasta has evolved in the past few years. Therefore, many restaurants are coming up with a fusion version of pasta meals. Some good fusion pasta recipes that every other Indians would love are: 

Pasta Cutlets: –

Tweak your regular cutlets with a filling of veggies and pasta. To prepare this dish, add some boiled macaroni pasta, vegetables of your choice, salt, some Italian herbs, crushed white and black pepper and bread crumbs and mix everything well. Make small balls out of the prepared mixture and deep fry them until golden-brown. Your Italian-Indian style pasta cutlets are now ready to eat. Enjoy it with your friends and family on a rainy day. 

Macaroni Sandwich: –

Instead of throwing away that leftover boiled pasta, you can use it to create a delicious evening snack. Take the boiled pasta, add in grated cheese, potatoes and other vegetables of your choice. Add in necessary sauces, like mayonnaise, thousand island, etc. and some Indian herbs. Give the prepared mixture a proper whisk and use it as a filling between two slices of bread. Grill it till its golden brown. Enjoy this cheesy snack with your evening tea or a glass of cold coffee.

Pasta Dim Sum:

Dim sum is another food invention that is loved by all. When these two most loved dishes i.e., pasta and dim sums, are combined, nobody can resist the magic. Use spaghetti pasta as a filling for your dim sums. We bet one and all will love this Chinese-Italian mixture.

Pro Tip: Cut the spaghetti strands into shorter size to fit into the dim sums.

Pasta Samosa: –

Samosa is, unarguably, the most loved Indian dish which is preferred by not just Indians but also by foreigners. A perfect starter, it is served with a sweet and a spicy sauce for enhanced flavour.
What happens when this Italian delight i.e., Pasta and Indian delight i.e., Samosa, come together? We get a food bonanza which is bursting with flavours!

Ditch your regular potato filling and use pasta as a Samosa filling to prepare this delight.  Boil penne pasta and mix it in white sauce. Garnish with herbs and spices for a strong flavour. This mixture must be filled inside the Samosa to get a unique Italian taste. Pasta wholesale dealers in India have observed a rise in demand for wheat pasta which can also be used as a filling for your Samosa. Using wheat pasta can increase the nutrient value of your dish.

Pro Tip: Make sure the mixture is thick and not extremely saucy to prevent it from spilling out of the samosa skin.

Spaghetti Potatoes: –

A unique dish which is best served as a starter for guests. Cut the potatoes in two halves and create a hollow space in between. Fill the empty space with Spaghetti and garnish it with a layer of grated cheese. Bake it in the oven for 5-10 minutes till the cheese is golden brown. Serve these baked potatoes with mint chutney or hung curd dip.

In the last few years, Indians have developed a taste for fusion food, which has given chefs and restaurants owners the freedom to bring innovation in their dishes. Try these recipes at home and earn the title of MasterChef by your family. Happy cooking!

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