April 24, 2020

5 Most Commonly Used Pasta Types

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Pasta is easily one of the most recognised food items around the world simply because of how popular it is and how many variants there are of these dried delicacies. The variety does have a large hand in making it popular and thus giving a chance to pasta makers in India to shine. Today, almost all varieties of pasta are available in India for people to enjoy and make as many different types of cuisines as they wish.

Yet there are a few types of pasta that are more commonly known to the public, and are thus, more commonly used in our kitchens. This blog discusses these commonly known, used, and popular types of pasta in India in detail. Check them out!

Famous Pasta Types in India


Ridged on the outside and hollow on the inside, Penne Pasta is a medium-sized tube-shaped pasta that is cut diagonally. Easily one of the most popular and recognised pasta shapes, penne is especially loved because of its flavour retention owed to its shape. Penne makes a great option for all kinds of pasta recipes, occasions, and preparations.


Mostly known because of the signature dish of Mac n Cheese, Macaroni is also hollow tubes that are bent in a curve. Macaroni is loved because they, much like penne, can hold flavour and sauces inside them for the added touch of oomph in the preparation. They go especially well with creamy and cheese sauces, thus explaining why Mac n Cheese is probably the most favourite preparation of Macaroni.


The thin long noodle-like Pasta, Spaghetti gained immense popularity in the last century as it quickly spread through the world as a tasty preparation that wen along with almost everything. Traditionally made with refined flour, there are a number of whole wheat pasta brands in India that make spaghetti with the whole grain to keep the healthy nutrients together. Typically available as 25-30 cm long strands, spaghetti is especially loved when prepared in tomato sauce and vegetables.


Made in the corkscrew or helical shapes, Fusilli gets its name from the Italian word that means spindle, as the pasta is made bu spinning it in a corkscrew shape. Another common Pasta that can be used in as many manners as you can think, you can either make a great salad, a sandwich filling, or simply as an entire meal with Fusilli.


A fun type of Pasta, Farfalle or bow tie pasta is mostly loved for the shape that can hold a lot of amazingness in itself. You can pour just about anything at the pasta, and it will hold the flavour every time you take a bite out of it.

Pasta is loved all over the world for its amazing shape, the great flavour they can hold, and brilliant texture they bring to the food. This is why pasta is loved by almost everyone, irrespective of their age, ethnicity, or just about any distinction that you can put between people.

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