February 18, 2020

7 Most Loved Italian Food in India

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Italian cuisine is one of the most loved and relished cuisines in India. Offering a variety of dishes to Indians that are made with a plethora of ingredients, the cuisine has the power to make diners lick fingers. With some of the best pasta manufacturers in the worldand endless options of cheese available, the cuisine is attracting a lot of foodies and is becoming a common name in homes. If you are also planning to try the Italian cuisine, try your hands on these dishes.


The first dish that comes to mind while talking about Italian cuisine is undoubtedly the most relished Pasta. Due to its increasing popularity, pasta is available in every restaurant and café. Made with semolina, salt, and water, pasta is nowadays available in a variety of shapes like farfalle, conchiglie, pipe rigate and more. In India, home chefs can buy regular and whole wheatpasta online to try new recipes at home!   


Italian cuisine is incomplete without the perfect and tasty Pizza. Easy to make and very appetising, pizza is the one of those few items that is equally loved by adults and kids. The ingredients required to prepare pizza includes a bread crust, cheese, veggies, tomato sauce, and seasoning. This famous Italian dish is now available in a plethora of variants. Try your favourite ones and delve into the rich flavours of Italy.


For all the bread lovers out there, Bruschetta is a perfect Italian dish to try. Made with garlic, tomato, cheese, and seasonings, bruschetta is a tangy and tasty dish from the delicious Italian cuisine. To add up to the health quotient of the dish, people also add olives, mushroom and other veggies on top of the bread.  If you love these ingredients, do try your hands on this relishing dish.


A creamy and velvety dish Risotto; is made up of ingredients like rice, broth, onion, butter, and cheese. In Italy, making Risotto is the most common way of using rice to prepare a light yet filling dish. In India, risotto is made with a variety of ingredients leading to a variety of variants.


Who does not enjoy having a cheesy and creamy Lasagne while visiting a restaurant? If you haven’t heard of this then you might be missing on a really amazing dish. The tasty lasagne is made up of flat pasta, cheese, garlic, oregano, basil, tomato sauce, and vegetables. Lasagne is a very filling dish loved by adults and kids equally. So, try your hands at making creamy and cheesy Lasagne at home by making use of Lasagne pasta sold by pasta manufacturers in India.    

Italian Salad:

With an increase in number of health-conscious people in India, the demand for Italian salads has increased manifolds. The very healthy and tasty Italian salad is truly a decent choice for all the health freaks out there in India. Made with ingredients like lettuce, celery, olives, cherry tomatoes, onion, pepperoncini, oil, vinegar, and mayonnaise, Italian salads are best served fresh.


Being the most loved Italian dessert, Tiramisu is the one delicacy that you may have not heard of much. But, the dish is becoming a new addition in the list of most-loved desserts. Ingredients like coffee, cheese, cookies, and cream give this dessert a unique flavour and taste. The better the quality of ingredients used, the better the final dish tastes!

The Italian cuisine includes a plethora of dishes but, these are some of the most loved ones by kids and adults equally. We hope you will now enjoy your Italian meal! Happy Eating!

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