February 11, 2020

Best Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day 2020

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Valentine’s Day has to be especially memorable. But, chocolates and roses do not necessarily invoke the same excitement as they did a few years ago. Do they?

But, then there is no dearth of other unique ideas. And, one such way to make the day extra special is to watch a romantic movie with your loved one.

But wait! How do you know which movie to watch, when there are so many of them. Well, we thought we would make the task easier for you.

Here’s a list of the best movies that will add extra spark and passion to your valentine 2020.

1. The Notebook

The Notebook is an ode to love between opposites. It has everything that makes for an eternal love story, a poor country boy and a rich city girl, teenage love that transforms into extraordinary longing for one another, tragic separation, heartwarming letters, etc. There’s never a dull moment and by the time the end title role, we are sure you will be holding on to your valentine more tightly than ever.

It’s a perfect movie for Valentine-hearts!

2. Titanic

Titanic should be on top of every best valentine movie list.

The movie will no doubt leave you teary-eyed but it’s a 3h 15 min of never before seen saga of love. Leonardo and Kate portray young lovers unhinged by the aristocratic laws perfectly. It’s a movie that love is always found in the most unexpected of places and it always changes you into the person you always wanted to be. Director David Cameroon is so could in his work behind the camera that you won’t dare blink once while watching this all-time romantic classic.

If ever there could be a magnum opus to love on celluloid. This would be it.

3. Notting Hill

This light-hearted romantic comedy has everything to turn your valentine into a cozy affair. Despite a plotline that would seem unreal to start with, there is never a moment in the movie that you won’t be able to relate to. And by the time you reach the climax, you would be praying that William and Anna must take the leap and shut all the noise around them to listen to their hearts that want them to be with each other for life.

A must-watch if you are planning to propose marriage anytime soon!

4. The Lunchbox

Arguably one of the best Indian movies of the last decade, The Lunchbox has all the flavors that make an unconventional movie with romantic soul work.

It tells the story of two people who develop an unusual friendship thanks to mixed-up lunch delivery. The two characters, one a widower and the other an unhappy housewife, start exchanging notes through the daily lunchbox.

It’s an unnatural way to communicate but strikingly effective. It’s the only way for both of them to find peace and happiness in their love deprived life. It’s a heart-warming, clean and simple story backed by a powerful performance from everyone who is part of the film.

*Special Advice: Don’t forget to order excellent food and in good quantity. You will surely feel like eating every 15 mins while you are watching the movie.

5. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Love is immortalized in this tale of two people who fall in love on a euro trip. But faith has other plans for the two lovers, as the girl is supposed to marry a man chosen by her father long before she even knew what love meant.

Will the boy with his charm be able to win the heart of the girl’s family or will their love just a fading memory?

Watch this movie with family, friends and every other person who you love. It’s a heart-warming soulful tale of love breaking all boundaries to find its faith.

6. Jab We Met

Jab We Met is a trendsetter in more than a few ways. Aditya, a heart-broken guy meets Geet, a bubbly chirpy girl who lives life to the fullest.

Of course, any guy would fall in love with such a girl. But then Geet already loves someone and has plans to elope with her soulmate, marry him and live happily ever after. But wait this is not what happens.

The movie treats the different layers of love perfectly. It will remind you how heartbroken you must have felt when someone does not turn out the way you had thought it to be and yet the movie seamlessly reinstates faith in the surprising way love can show up in our lives.

7. Wake Up Sid

Wake Up Sid is not a straightforward romantic movie. But it has a very heartwarming soul to it. The movie tells the story of Sid, a happy go lucky guy, who has no idea what he is going to do with his life. His rich father is both worried and surprised by Sid’s careless attitude but can do nothing about it.

But then enters Aisha, an aspiring writer, who meets Sid by a chance encounter on the very first night she lands in Mumbai. Sid helps his new friend settle into the vibes of the new city but overtime finds that his father is no longer willing to do with his slacker personality. Sid decides to leave his parents and finding nowhere to go ends up living at Aisha’s apartment.

Will Aisha help Sid find his true calling in life and will the new friendship blossom into love?

Watch the movie to find out the answers.

8. Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na

Even if you are not an Imran Khan fan, Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na is one movie that you can watch on Valentine’s day. It’s a movie about two best friends who simply can’t live without one another but find it extremely stupid to accept the truth.

They eventually decide to help each other out in finding their special soulmate. Although the movie plot may seem cliche, yet it is filled with many delightfully refreshing moments. It’s a light-hearted romantic comedy that will make you laugh and enjoy every moment of the movie.

9. 50 First Dates

You can’t simply make a Valentine movie list and not include 50 First Dates in it. Starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore the movie effortlessly tells the story of a man trying to woo the love of his life every day. Why every day?

Because the girl he loves has short-term memory loss and she can’t remember anything about the day before. Given her situation, the family and friends are very protective of her and our hero has to walk that extra mile each day to convince everyone that he is the right guy for her.

Watch this movie and fall in love with your special one all over again.


If you remember Gerard Butler for playing the mighty warrior king King Leonidas alone, then we bet you watch P.S. I LOVE YOU this valentine. You will be simply bowled over by how naturally he brings the Irish charm on screen.

Can you still help the person you love the most, even if untimely death itself has set you apart? We all miss the people who are gone but is life and love about feeling depressed for those who have left us or finding the passion, courage, and will to live our life fully again in the memory of those we loved?

P.S. I LOVE YOU answers questions about love and life that only a few movies have dared ask and yet it is utterly romantic, extremely heart-warming in its soul. DO you still need another reason to watch the movie?

So, while we do hope that these movies make your valentine weekend and day happily memorable, we also hope you will make sure in your own little ways to make the day a little extra special. A little amount of time in the kitchen or a stroll down to your nearest wine store will surely help to set the mood for a cozy and love-filled valentine’s day. All the best!

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