February 5, 2020

Give Valentine 2020 A Unique Makeover With These 7 Gifts For 7 Days

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There is no better expression of love than a gift that brings a smile to the face of those you love. And, if it’s Valentine’s Day you better be careful about what you choose to give.

But, are you still scratching your head what to give to your loved one this Valentine 2020?

Standing in a gift shop can be very confusing if you don’t exactly know what you want. But we thought we would make the task just that tad easy for you. Here’s a list of 7 unique gift ideas for each of the 7 days of the Valentine week to make your Valentine 2020 a real special one.

1. A Basket Of Love

When it comes to the first day of Valentine’s Day, there is no better way to surprise your loved one than with a basket of fresh, beautiful and sweet-smelling roses. It’s the best way to set the mood for the week and prepare your loved one for the special week ahead.

2. A Handwritten Letter Or Poem

It’s not every day that we have the time and words to pour our hearts out to our special one. But the second day of the valentine week is exactly what you should day. And, don’t be bothered if you are not a writer. You don’t even have to be one. Just put pen to paper and write simply why your heart beats for that special someone. You will be surprised yourself while your special one will thank you forever for the effort.

3. A Teddy Like You

Considering our busy schedules these days, it’s natural to hear our loved ones complain that we don’t have time for them. But a teddy is a perfect way to remind them how much you love and care even if you are not by their side. And trust us, when you are not around and busy with work, the teddy is one thing that your loved one will cuddle and hold onto most.

4. A Jade Plant In A Promise Pot

This one is sure to leave your love teary-eyed (Happy Tears Though!)

Valentine’s also about the promise to stay in love forever. And the best way to express your commitment is a plant that grows as your love grows.

5. Magnetic Lockets Sealed With A Kiss

Magnetic lockets capture the valentine charm perfectly. There is a personalization option too where you can choose to inscribe your initials or even photos. You can wear one and gift the other one to your partner. It will remind you of each other whenever you see it or feel it. 

6.A Long Drive To Your Favorite Outskirt

There is nothing more romantic than long drive with breeze blowing past, soft music and both of you sticking to one another. It’s a perfect valentine’s date filled with a unique romantic spark. And, yes don’t forget to take your favorite snacks, your best romantic playlist and most importantly a bottle of champagne to make it extra special.

7. A Secret Little Date in a Secret Sweet Place

When it’s the last day of the valentine week, you better make sure that it’s perfect. And no it does not have to be his/her favorite restaurant. Rather, cook something delicious on your own, decorate a corner with lights, play soft jazz music and surprise your loved one with the best valentine treat ever. It always works!

Impressing the one you love is never easy. But it’s not impossible either. With just a little effort and attention to your loved one’s likes and dislikes, you can turn the valentine week into a cherished memory for life. Hope these ideas will help you do exactly this. And, always remember it’s not the gifts but the effort that we put in that truly expresses our love for our loved ones. So, keep your spirits high and plan a valentine’s week that makes your loved one feel special and worthy of all your love. All the best!

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