May 11, 2020

Have Your Week Sorted With Pasta

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If you are a working lady, you know the hassles of balancing work, home, kids and kitchen. It’s like having too much on a single plate. While you want to laze around on the couch once home after a hard day’s work, yet you see yourself in the kitchen pantry trying to come up with innovative ideas for your kid’s meal. Including nutrients in your family’s diet is of utmost importance but how do we achieve this without going through the long process of making an elaborate meal. We do have a short cut for you that guarantees good health, lots of vegetables and 20 minutes cooking. Whole wheat pasta India by Gustora Foods makes food no less than a celebration. Made with durum wheat semolina and no preservatives, it is egg-free to suit the majority of Indian food habits.

Whip up some Gustora’s pasta with varying vegetables and have your week sorted. Here are some pasta ideas which you can spin through the week as different meals:

1.    Spend Your Monday with Penne Rigate

After Sunday’s cheat meal, we all root for a healthy meal on Monday, don’t we? Moreover, with those Monday blues hitting us right over one barely wants to create a fancy dish at home. Well, Gustora foods, the leading pasta company in India is sensitive to your choices. They produce penne rigate with durum wheat semolina and water which is rich in fibre and high in proteins. Boil some penne rigate and mix them with peas and corn in the sauce of your choice. This veggie-filled colourful dish is nutritious, delicious and loved by all.

2.    Witness the power of Macaroni on Tuesday

One of the most humble pasta varieties, macaroni is adaptive to various ingredients and very easy to prepare. For your Tuesday post-work meal, sliver some vegetables and prepare macaroni bake loaded with nutrients. This show stopper of a dish is rich, creamy and hearty. This baked pot of delicious with a crusty cheesy top is sure to please everyone at home. Its quick easy and healthy.

3.    Wednesday with Fun Fettuccine

This dish is a call for mushroom lovers. This creamy, refreshing mushroom twist to fettuccine is perfect for Wednesday dinners. Silky smooth noodles coated with garlicky and creamy luxe sauce with the right amount of mushrooms is what happiness is made of. Add a dash of fresh rosemary for that delicious aroma. Twist the noodles around the fork and enjoy it as you unfurl its flavour in every bite. Let me warn you, it’s difficult to stop at one bowl!

4.   Get on board with Farfalle on Thursdays

With weekend on its way, it’s time we gave ourselves a little break from those heavy meals. Let’s make up for the upcoming cheat days with this extremely healthy and light butternut squash farfalle. This bow tie shaped pasta is ideal for a quick weeknight meal. The butternut squash, spinach leaves, and walnut are just the right source of fibre, protein, and iron in a single dish. Ready in less than 20 minutes, this recipe is a fresh take on those routine tomato and cream sauces.

5.    Thank God Its Spaghetti on Fridays

Who doesn’t love spaghetti? We all do, don’t we? Spaghetti is one of the most preferred and extremely popular pasta noodles. It’s comforting, easy and kid’s favourite too. Serve up some sensational spaghetti at home to welcome the weekend the right way. Spaghettis and tomatoes go really well, with a dash of garlic, basil and olives by the side. Laze in your pyjamas as you slurp up some amazing spaghetti while watching Netflix.

6.    Social Saturday with Conchiglie

Saturday is that day where you can chill, relax, socialize and finish all your pending tasks.  With no office and all the free time at home, you can create some magic with your kitchen wands and call your loved ones for dinner. A cozy Saturday night with friends, food, and games is the best way to spend the weekend, right? Prepare this stuffed shell pasta recipe and have your friends and family praise you over food. The ricotta and spinach filling with marinara sauce is too tempting to miss. A great dish for your guests.

7.    Go Healthy Sunday with Healthy Trio Fusilli

A colourful plate of nutrients in your plate is ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Enjoy this trio combination packed with proteins and rich in fibre with Gustora. Grind some pesto sauce and mix it with fusilli, sun-dried tomatoes, and olives for a refreshing dish. Your Sundays couldn’t be better!

Gustora Foods offer a range of pasta in varying varieties for everyday of the week and more. Have your week sorted with Gustora Foods. Pasta is undoubtedly everybody’s favourite so why not use it the best way while we can, right? What are you waiting for now? Go, gab your ingredients and make some delish pasta for yourself and family!

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