May 29, 2020

Lockdown Cooking: 3 Must-Try Pasta Recipes

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If dished up well, pasta is a delightfully healthy snack. It is cholesterol-free and is also a good source of sustainable energy for the brain and muscles.

While you may not be able to buy pasta online in India during the lockdown, you can grab a handful of your favourite pasta from the nearest grocery store during flexible hours. 

Considering the current crisis, a pasta bowl can go a long way in making your lockdown days healthful and pleasant. To make your lockdown cooking easy and healthy, here are 5 must-try recipes.

1. Fresh Tomato Pasta

Simple yet very pleasing to the taste buds, the fresh tomato pasta recipe is your saviour when you are short on rich ingredients. A handful of fresh tomatoes, one whole garlic, and a few basil leaves are all you need to treat your loved ones with a healthy snack.

Put some olive oil and a whole piece of garlic in a pan. Heat it for a minute, and next add some freshly cut tomatoes to it. Add salt as per your taste and cook for some time. Once the mix is ready, add al dente pasta to the mix and stir properly. Add a few basil leaves for garnish.

2. Pasta With Creamy Tomato and Spinach

As you wait for the water to boil, take some garlic, onion, and olive oil in a pan. Heat it and once the mix starts to sizzle, add tomato puree to the mix. Heat and stir well until it turns red rich in colour.

Next, add some chilli flakes and seasoning. Cook until the tomatoes are completely reduced. When done, add spinach leaves and cook for a few more minutes. Add cream and finally the cooked pasta.

Treat your family with delicious and healthy pasta with creamy tomato and spinach.

3. Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Put some crushed garlic (one whole piece) and olive oil in a pan. Switch on the flame and heat till the garlic flavour is infused in the oil. Next, add mushroom to the mix and heat all the water from the mushroom. Add some freshly prepared white sauce followed with cooked pasta. To add more creamy flavour, you can also add cheese. Serve hot for best taste and flavours.

During the lockdown, as everyone searches for easy yet healthy food options, we hope these quick and easy pasta recipes will help solve most of your dilemma. If health is your primary concern, then we suggest you use whole wheat pasta which is nutritious as well as lower in calories. For the time being if you can’t buy whole wheat pasta online in India, make sure to get some from nearby shops when you are allowed to do essential shopping.  

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