December 29, 2020

Top 5 Juices Against COVID-19

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As people try to maintain a healthy lifestyle to fight against the COVID-19 infection, more and more health and fitness companies are catering to this demand. And one way to prevent getting infected is to boost our immune system. By having a strong immune system, our body can fight against the unwanted virus in our body and prevent severe symptoms that can lead us to our demise.

On top of exercise and getting enough rest, supplementing our body with the right nutrients is also one way to bolster our immune system. And in this article, we’ll tell you five secret juices that can do that. But before we do, let’s get to know our immune system a bit better.

How Does Our Immune System Work?

The role of the immune system is to determine if there is an injury or infection in the body. This means, there are foreign substances called antigens in the body. And the immune system works hard to remove it to prevent serious effects.

When the immune system works to remove these antigens, it creates antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins. These immunoglobulins stay in our bodies to prevent the same infections, germs, or bacteria. This is the reason why people don’t get sick with the same disease twice.

To maintain our immune system’s health, we don’t want to make it stronger, which a common misconception from people. Instead, we want to keep the immune system balanced. By doing proper exercise, a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep, we can maintain a topnotch immune system.

It can be tough to maintain a healthy diet. That’s why some people resort to healthy juices to ensure that they get enough vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients our immune system needs.

5 Best Juices to Boost Our Immune System

Try these simple healthy juices to ensure that your immune system prevents infections such as COVID-19:

1. Cannabis juice

A cannabis juice might not seem like everyone’s top choice for COVID-19 prevention. However, the cannabinoids in cannabis are excellent for balancing the immune system and keep it working round the clock in preventing bacteria, germs, and other types of infections. Cannabis juice is easy to make as well. By buying weed online from a reliable source, you can blend the cannabis leaves, stems, and branches and mix in other types of fruits to give it flavor.

2. Lemon juice

White blood cells are vital in the immune system. And we need the balanced production of white blood cells to maintain a healthy immune system. Vitamin C is said to help in the production of white blood cells. Aside from taking vitamins in the form of pills, you can get Vitamin C in other more natural ways like lemon juice. Plus, it’s very easy to make too. Grab a couple of lemons, add hot or cold water, add a bit of honey and you’re good to go!

3. Lettuce, kale, and green apple

You may also mix different sources of natural food such as green apple, kale, and lettuce. These are excellent sources of manganese, iron, potassium, folate, Vitamins A, C, and K. Add in some spinach and parsley too. Green-based juices are always considered the powerhouses of healthy juices.

4. Watermelon juice

Watermelon is mostly made up of more than 90 percent water, making it a fruit that is easy to juice. In addition, watermelon is also filled with lots of Vitamin C, A, arginine, magnesium, and citrulline, which is crucial in boosting your immune system.

5. Tomato juice

Tomato juices aren’t only quick and easy to make, but they’re also perfect in combating inflammation due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, tomatoes are also rich in folate or Vitamin B-9, which can prevent risks of catching infections.


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