December 4, 2019

Top New Year 2020 Party Ideas

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The 20-10s are finally coming to an end, and it was arguably the most creative and passionate time for humanity. While social media has become the new normal and is now a preferred medium of communication for the people, it was also a time that gave us a glimpse into the future.

From self-driving cars to successful Mars landings, 20-10s have given us more than just a few reasons to celebrate. And while we are pretty sure that your mood is already high with the onset of the festive season, we thought we would share some amazing and a New Year 2020 Party ideas to add that extra bit of fun and magic to your New Years’ Eve 2020.

Aurora Party Theme

Inspired by the breathtaking Northern Lights, the Aurora party theme is sure to leave your audience wanting more. Immerse your place in a hue of Aurora inspired colors like and we bet it would turn your New Year’s eve magically memorable.

Superhero Party Theme

Never has the world needed Superheroes more than now! From climate change to widespread inequality, the world needs your help now than ever before. And there is not better to remind and inspire others around you than a superhero party theme. It is uber cool and yet can still be used as a perfect backdrop for making a strong resolution for the New Year. All the best!

Back And White Party Theme

Like them or hate them, Black & White party themes always work. The theme is very elegant and is very appropriate if you planning to ring in the new year with your special one by your side. And yes, don’t forget the party playlist. Make sure that it is a perfect mix of old classics and new chartbusters.

A BYOA (Bring Your Own Appetizers) Affair

There is no better way to set the party mood on then a drooling appetizer. And instead of going all the way and arranging everything on your own, consider asking your guests to carry handy appetizers that they themselves would love to have. This will give you enough time to focus on the main course.

A White Winter Dinner Theme

It’s that time of the year when the temperature is freezing and not everyone wants to shake their legs on New Year’s eve. There are some who would rather prefer a quiet dinner and for those, a white winter dinner theme is calm, cozy and awesome. You can easily create a monochrome white look by mixing different textures from snow themed fabrics, paper, glass candles, and ceramics.

Create An Amazing Photo Backdrop

Give your friends the perfect New Year moment to share online with an amazing photo backdrop. A New Years’ Eve is always a cherished memory and an amazing photo backdrop is a perfect way to make your ‘selfies’ and ‘groupies’ more special than ever before. For the idea part, you can draw inspiration from a whole lot of options like important events, popular places, or designer lights.

Celebrity Costume Party

Why not use New Year’s Eve as an opportunity to be a celebrity doppelganger for a day? A celebrity themed costume party is always a fun affair. Ask your guests to dress like their favorite and see them buy the idea immediately. Add a great playlist inspired by the celebrity costumes and scream your hearts out to the songs all night long.

Masquerade Party Theme

Give your guests a few happy-headaches with a New Year party theme. Ask your guests to wear masks and have them unveil the masks only at midnight. The mystical masks are sure to trigger ultimate fun and bring out the best in your guests.

Bonfire Party Theme

There is nothing like a Bonfire party. A bonfire in your backyard is an ideal get-together and the easiest way to add fun and warmth to your New Years’ eve. Invite friends over, light a bonfire, play your favorite tracks and some great food to the mix; and we are sure that you will have a great time!.

Book a Yacht

New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to impress and pamper your special one. Book a yacht and celebrate New Year’s Eve in style. It will simply be an unforgettable experience for you and the love of your life. Most yacht theme party organizers offer unlimited food and drinks and make all necessary arrangements to make it a grand and glamorous affair, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

These were some of the unique ideas to celebrate New Years Eve 2020. Which one do you like? Do share your comments, but most importantly don’t forget to make this New Year’s Eve a special affair for you and your loved ones.  All the best and have a memorable NYE 2020.

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