January 16, 2020

What are the best recipes for school Lunch Box?

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Hey there, I can totally understand and relate to your condition. It is seriously challenging to prepare lunch boxes for kids on an everyday basis. Most of the time (if not all) kids return home with half-eaten or untouched Lunch boxes because of the veggies we keep in. Not eating vegetables is a common problem; however, this is really not good for our kids’ health. So, I figured out a few recipes that have worked for me till now. Here is my little secret for all the mommies:

Vegetable Cake:

Okay, so here is the best way to sneak veggies, and this is what I do most of the time. For this, I use a colourful variety of vegetables like carrot, zucchini, beets, and cucumber and churn them in a blender into fine pieces. I arrange all these in different shapes like star, Mickey Mouse, etc. and add jam or ketchup on the top to modify the taste. I also use some toffees, crush them and add it on the top to lure kids into eating the cake. Surprisingly, they eat it whole every time, and the best part is the veggies keep their memories sharp and provide them with proper nutrients.

Healthy Mousse

Yet another brilliant way to prepare kids lunch is filling it with vegetable mousse. You can use ingredients like carrot, avocado, mangoes, pumpkin, etc., to make the mousse. Sometimes, I mix a little sugar and cream and add it to the top to enhance the taste and appearance of the dish.

Kids Pasta:

More often than not, I also prepare kids pasta for them. The benefit I have here is that it gets easier to add vegetables in the form of puree. So, I purchase kids pasta that comes in different shapes of toys and prepare a healthy version by adding capsicum, corn, and other veggies to it. When I make the puree, I add capsicum and onions along with it so that they blend together, bringing out nice flavours. I add red bell pepper and corn separately to add colours to the dish and pack it for their lunch.

To sum up, the strategy I use is that I smartly hide vegetables in the dish and trick kids into eating them. You can also try these simple recipes for the school lunch box. Once you get a hold of these, it will become easier to prepare them. Try them and let me know what you think of this. I am also open to new ideas.

Roasted Veggie Pasta

Veggies become more exciting and tasty when roasted in butter, especially with kids. One such recipe is the roasted veggies pasta. You can prepare this dish in a pan or microwave. You will require some boiled or roasted veggies like bell peppers, onions, zucchini, and tomatoes. Boil the pasta in a different pan and strain it. Take a pan and mix all the ingredients with pesto sauce and olive oil. 

Mexican Pasta

It is a scrumptious dish for the kids who trouble their mothers by leaving their lunch unfinished. Mexican pasta gives these mothers a chance to load their kid’s tiffin with calories and carbohydrates. Take seashell pasta for this and boil it till it becomes tender. Pour some olive oil in a pan; add onions, tomatoes, corn, salsa, black beans, olives, taco seasoning, black pepper, and salt. Cook them for five minutes and add boiled pasta in it. Add sauce and toss well to mix the flavours thoroughly.

Veggie Alfredo Pasta

Kids love this creamy pasta made in white sauce. Boil your pasta and strain it. You can enhance the nutrition value by adding broccoli, corn, and canned peas. Add fresh asparagus, parmesan cheese, salt, olive oil, and pepper to enhance the flavours. This pasta offers distinct characteristics and an ideal recipe for the elder kids. Pack it hot to maintain its warmth. 

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